Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Riva Financial Systems strives to ensure that it pursues the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at all times in order to maintain the loyalty and trust of all of our business partners and employees, fulfilling our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate, to underpin our reputation as a Global Transfer Agency solution provider, and an employer, of choice.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

A Code of Ethics and Business Conduct has been adopted by the Board of Directors and sets out the minimum standards by which the company expects all employees to abide. By maintaining a suite of corporate policies and procedures, working as one team we will:

  • Conduct ourselves with complete honesty and integrity, in a lawful,
    non-corruptible and ethical manner
  • Comply with the legislation and relevant codes of practice applicable to the jurisdictions in which we operate
  • Ensure that the workplace is one where each individual feels valued and responsible for contributing to Riva Financial System`s success and protecting our reputation
  • Regularly engage with our employees, communicating business issues and employment terms and conditions, welcoming open and honest feedback
  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, promptly addressing any employee or visitor concerns
  • Support performance management and development to ensure that all employees reach their full potential
  • Foster a diverse workforce, where dignity and respect are the norm, actively promote inclusivity and fairness for all and oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination or victimisation
  • Develop strong relationships with our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders with whom we have dealings, based on mutual trust, respect and understanding
  • Operate with an ethical purchasing policy to ensure that our business standards are replicated by our suppliers including the respect for human rights and the non-use of child/forced labour
  • Remain committed to looking for continuous improvement in the management of our impact upon the environment
  • Engage with, and support, local and national charities and local community groups
  • Constantly monitor, and regularly report on, our compliance with Riva Financial Systems CSR commitments

CSR Awards

In 2016, Riva Financial Systems participated in an assessment of our CSR standards.

Managed by the independent rating evaluator, EcoVadis, the evaluation covered 4 distinct areas namely: Labour Practises and Human Rights, Environment, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement.

As a result we were awarded Silver recognition level which places us within the top 30% of the performers evaluated by EcoVadis.

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