Riva Financial Systems Limited was incorporated by a group of industry professionals each with extensive experience of operations and technology at some of the largest asset managers and fund administrators in Europe. The founders recognised that there was a lack of modern investor record-keeping technical solutions available for an increasingly dynamic and diversifying asset management market environment, where complex new investment products could no longer be adequately sustained by legacy platforms.

Their vision was to create the next generation of investor record keeping solutions built using best of class technology and servers. The flagship product that emerged from this blueprint was the Riva Transfer Agent solution (Riva TA); a highly functional global transfer agency software system able to support the entire investor record keeping process across multiple administration centres, investment products and currencies all on a single platform.

To fully complete its value proposition, Riva maintains a team of highly skilled Consultants, Business Analysts, Testers and Developers recruited from within the financial services industry ensuring that design, implementation and support issues are always addressed in the appropriate business context by individuals with the required expertise.

Riva is headquartered in the Isle of Man with a branch in Luxembourg and continues to flourish with employees also based in the UK and Canada.

Riva’s first client implemented Riva TA in 2005 and then in September 2007 the Riva TA solution was selected by Franklin Templeton to be their new global transfer agency platform. Franklin Templeton Investments acquired a majority stake in Riva Financial Systems, securing a strategic joint venture between Riva Financial Systems and one of the world’s largest asset managers. While Riva remains a commercial software house, the company and its customers benefit from Franklin Templeton’s global expertise and knowledge with respect to the Riva TA development roadmap and other Riva products.

Riva’s software solutions have enabled our clients to re-engineer their administrative processes by replacing multiple legacy systems with one integrated packaged solution with customer, client and distributor web access built into the core offering.