Specialist charity and public sector investment manager, CCLA announced today the selection of Riva TA, the flagship global transfer agency solution of Riva Financial Systems Limited, to replace its internal transfer agency solutions in a 10-year licence agreement. CCLA will also be leveraging Riva’s new Cloud offering realizing strong internal infrastructure savings.

Tim Leeming, Riva’s Head of Business Development, commented “we are so pleased with CCLA’s selection of Riva TA and the Riva team is looking forward to working jointly with CCLA in the deployment of the Riva TA solution.  The fact that Riva TA is replacing three internal CCLA systems is a testament to the breadth of our solution, from which we are confident that CCLA will reap the benefits of our fully integrated features”.

Ghassan Hakim, Riva’s Chief Executive Officer, stated “we are very proud of being selected by CCLA, one of the United Kingdom’s largest charity fund managers.  We realize that CCLA underwent a review of several providers before reaching their final selection decision.  Over the course of the procurement process, we have established a number of synergies between both organizations.  We look forward to a long term partnership with CCLA”.

Adrian McMillan, CCLA’s Chief Operating Officer, commented “we are very pleased to have entered into this long term partnership with Riva.  Once the Riva TA system implementation is complete, we shall not only have a modern, capable and integrated solution, but also be able to adopt an improved transfer agency operating model to the benefit of our clients”.


About Riva TA

Riva TA is the flagship investor record keeping product of Riva Financial Systems Limited, built for asset managers, third-party administrators and alternative fund administrators, and specifically designed to support the entire investor record keeping process including transfer agency, portfolio management and client reporting.  Supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced business analysts, software quality engineers and developers, Riva TA offers a comprehensive transfer agency solution capable of supporting multiple investment products, jurisdictions and currencies on a platform independent basis with low total cost of ownership and with a range of features designed to make operations more efficient, flexible and responsive to client needs and market changes. 

About Riva Financial Systems Limited

Riva Financial Systems Limited was incorporated in October 2002 by a group of transfer agency professionals; all business and technical experts from the largest asset managers in Europe who together conceived of a flexible, affordable, self-contained investor record keeping solution built using best of class technology and servers.  For more information, please visit www.rivafs.com  

About CCLA

CCLA is one of the UK’s largest charity fund managers.  All we do is manage investments for charities, religious organisations and the public sector. Founded in 1958, CCLA is independently owned by its clients with £7.8 billion assets under management.  For more information, please visit www.ccla.co.uk