A modern investor services solution supporting equalisation and series fund accounting.

The Riva TA system is designed to support multiple investment vehicles on a single platform. As a result, in addition to supporting high volume, retail and heavily distributed long only funds, the system can equally well support the alternative products and caters for performance equalisation and series fund accounting structure.

Key Features

  • Multiple methods of equalisation to support performance and incentive fees calculations
  • Series Accounting support
  • Automated dealing and cash accrual adjustments at period ends and redemption
  • Investment manager cash forecasting and reporting
  • Integrated FX and payment processing

The Alternative functionality leverages the base Riva TA system and benefits from the framework of scalable architecture and broad scope of features. Traditional funds can be administered on the same platform with rules applied to restrict qualified investors to the alternative products.

It is also possible to take advantage of the Riva workflow and imaging solution, white label internet solutions (Riva Online) and the Riva Gateway which are fully integrated within Riva TA.