Our service orientated architecture reduces interface building and maintenance costs. Riva TA is a matured solution with a wide range of interfacing that has been proven as resilient in demanding high volume implementations.


  • Service orientated architecture
  • A range of existing interfaces are already available
  • Consultation provided by our experienced technical experts
  • Reduced implementation costs and risk
  • Ongoing cost savings for Riva licensed interfaces
  • Designed and proven for scalability

Range of Available Interfaces

  • Real-time straight through processing for trade and account maintenance supported in multiple formats including ISO 20022 and Canada fundserv
  • Real-time enquiry services, currently supporting Canada myserv, SWIFT and proprietary interfacing
  • Real-time and batch settlement services
  • FX rate and exposure trading

The service orientated architecture allows easy exposure of the software business logic layer. The access to the business logic can be supported by any of the above protocols and formats.

Protocols and Formats Used

  • XML, CSV, Fixed format, JSON, FIX
  • Program to program via Stored procedures and Java

Blockchain technology is also available, but has not been implemented in a production scenario.