Riva Financial Systems provides a robust, efficient and integrated investor servicing and transaction processing software solution for Private Equity, Real Estate, Partnerships and Funds.


Riva TA provides a solution for both Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators. It focuses on back office operations and value added middle office functions for Asset Management professionals and provides cash flow monitoring, deal transaction management, capital call/distribution processing and reporting to investors, General Partners and Managers.


Our Dashboard and Analytics abilities provide a detailed view of the private equity structures, processes and investment information.

Riva Financial Systems Analytics Reporting


The collection and transfer of cash is key to the execution of investment opportunities by Managers and to returning rewards to investors. Riva TA offers Private Equity and Real Estate functionality that provides the flexibility and control needed to administer and manage the drawdown of capital from investors and the repayment of capital, profits and income.

Extensive cash management and robust payment capabilities provide a single solution to the accounting and cash management needs of Fund Administrators, Transfer Agents and General Partners.

Fully integrated workflow management and imaging further enhance the potential for operational efficiencies and development of creative new business processes.

The solution integrates and leverages proven scalable efficiencies of the Riva TA software solution.


Riva TA allows the user to view reported figures and to interrogate holdings and cash from a multitude of viewpoints.

The Riva TA Online portal also allows the Investor and General Partner to view their records within a secure environment.

Riva | Private Equity and Real Estate

Our Private Equity and Real Estate solution is an integrated part of the Riva TA system and leverages existing proven functionality.