A modern fully integrated workflow and image management solution that promotes and enables efficient work management and control.

The Challenge

Implementing and integrating a workflow and imaging solution from a vendor supplying a generic package can be a daunting and expensive experience. The challenge starts with a software supplier who does not necessarily know how their software should be applied in the business or technical context of your company. You have to select technology, hopefully modern, and start the long and expensive implementation process of configuring their generic workflow package (which often involves actually programming it from very basic levels). Integration is often very limited with users having to manually add indexing data to images, which is cumbersome and prone to keying errors. Larger enterprises often resort to building and maintaining in-house solutions with its associated costs.

The Riva Solution

The Riva Workflow and Imaging solution is a game changer. Our solution is fully integrated with Riva TA and available out-of-the-box. It includes automated indexing of images, optional image repository management and is designed specifically for our industry. We don’t prescribe how the system should be configured but provide a commercial software solution that allows user customisation of workflow paths and access rights to support your business processes, without the need for additional programming.


  • Fully integrated with the Riva TA system
  • Task management on queues
  • Configurable queues and task routing
  • Queue monitoring, alerts, MIS graphical representations and load balancing
  • User permission management
  • Management reporting
  • Task aging and prioritisation
  • Completeness checking, cut off times (specific to fund administration)
  • Automated indexing (reducing keying and eliminating indexing errors)
  • Status and history enquiries

Image Management

  • Fully integrated to the Riva TA systems
  • Integration to fax server
  • Integration to scanning, with scan image import facility with initial routing control
  • Multiple document types supported, TIFF, PDF, email
  • Secure storage policies
  • User defined classifications
  • Classification management (secure access control)
  • Access audits
  • Archive management

From enterprise level operations to the smallest
administrator, the integrated Riva Workflow and Imaging
solution is a cost effective option.